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3 Cranky / Lonely / Tiring Days…

July 3, 2008

pApa left this morning for work. Leaving the 3 of us for 3 days. Oh that would be 3 tiring days for mOmmy and lonely days for the bAbies. Especially athirAh, whenever pApa goes to work…she’ll be very cranky, sume mende tak kena. She tend to be very clingy.

Since pApa is the hands-on type, the presents of pApa around is very significant to them. Hence the crankiness when pApa goes to work…

In fact few of my mom’s friend commented about pApa…on how he helps around with the bAbies. The change of diaper, bathing, feeding to name a few. And of coz the golek2 =). According to them, back in those days, husband doesn’t help much. All were left to the wifey. Well, i’m not too sure about that coz I know that my dad helps around when we were small.

So for now, it will be 3 cranky days for athirAh, 3 lonely days for hArith (coz only pApa has the energy to lambung2 him high up) and 3 tiring days for mOmmy…

Well, as i mentioned before…somebody has to work aight….

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  1. mun..my hubby dh away for ten days..siksa rasenyer..nih br 1 baby..i kagumla dgn u ..preggie with two babies..


  2. ur hubby flt ke mane lame sgt? if i wiz one baby and flt smpai 10 hari…dah lame i ikut!!!


  3. oo la cian athirah…and kesian u oso..tiring kan..takpe dear…
    masa hubby still flying..i pun macam u..cuma beza m working so ada maid…tapi nite time tu yg terasa coz my kids bangun malam kan..


  4. darling8tabby:
    sgt tiring. especially bile both clingy. in fact more tiring then mase i keja teaching kat Cosmotots.

    mlm pulak, sorang bgn, sure lagi sorang bgn…mmg tak cukup tangan


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