I'm gonna miss this journey – TRIPLETS plus ONE

I'm gonna miss this journey

July 11, 2008

of pregnancy. The journey gonna end soon as I am now in my 36 weeeks of gestation.

Yes, no doubt i do complain of those morning sickness (but al-hamdulillah for this 2nd pregnancy there wasn’t much of morning sickness), the backache, heartburn and as for now the final stage i’m having pain at my ribs. Babies are pushing upwards I guess. I did inform the doctor but she said, nothing can be done about that cause my body size is rather small. But lucky thing this rib pain only happen now coz during my triplet pregnancy I felt this exact same pain when I was 6 months pregnant (i guess that clearly explain the not-enough-space-for-the-3-babies-thus-the-popping-out-early happen)

However despite all those pain, I really think it is a journey that one would never forget and treassure it for life. No words could describe the feeling of having another life in you, especially when you feel the baby moving around and kicking. For sure I do have another active baby coz at times I feel like as though my tummy is like a washing machine. Baby is really moving everywhere =).

Another good thing of being pregnant or shall I say THE BEST part of it is that you could use ur pregnancy as an excuse to get anything…hihi a.k.a can be ngada2. Can demand for any kind of food (in which ppl say if mengidam kena gak cube cr kn..hihi), get hubster to massage… picit here n there. Or whoever that is within my reach (in most cases m mom lar yg jadi mangsa..hihi) Oh even get hubster to cut my nails since my tummy block the view of my toes.

Anyway if you were to ask me the difference between my 1st n 2nd pregnancy. It was indeed very different. This time around through out the first trimester I only vomitted once. But during my 1st pregnancy…vomitting up to 10 times a day was a daily routine. The first 3 months felt like forever but now the 9 months doesn’t feel that long. Maybe because I have hArith n athirAh that always keep me occupied thus the dayss n monthss felt shorter and faster.

Now my weight has increased up to 9.7kg and waist up to 10 inches. Lets hope i’ll get back my weight and shape back. Well, I just can’t imagine how life would be with 3 bAbies in the house. Maybe that would make me get my weight and shape faster since I’ll be busy chasing after hArith and athirAh and nurse my newborn.

Oh, I think I have to do list of things I wanna do before I start my 40 days confinement. For sure I wanna drink puas2 all those ice cooling refreshing orange and mango juice. Hmm..wat else? Wanna help me with the list?

We have yet to buy another cot for the newborn. Buying is one thing…to think where to put it is another major thinking to do….we are now talking bout placing 3 cots in a room!

One more thing, do u know that most tailors has stop taking order for raya! me sempat tempah one je..so if i dont get back to my shape…abis lar, tat means zero baju raya for me

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