Best Open House – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Best Open House

October 24, 2008

I guess it is something common for all of us to be fully loaded with food in the month of Syawal due to Open Houses. Even with three babies, we still try to fullfil invitations that we received Totally not easy to bring all three. Unfortunately we have to skip any houses if the weather does not permit us; rain. (Sorry Lana, it was raining heavily when we wanted to go to your house) Anyway, been wanting to post this, the BEST open house we went for this year. WHY?

1) We were placed at the basement where it was soo very spacious for hArith and athirAh to roam around. Despite the snooker table, table tennis, an area for jamming session, a section for weight lifting and four tables for guests to seat and eat, the place was really big that they could move around without any restriction.

athirAh muka excited cause she could go anywhere without mOmmy saying “No athirAh!”..hihi
2) There were so many of syauQi’s friends who helped us babysit the babies. In fact mase makan, syauQi pointed out…rase macam kuar berdue jer! All 3 were taken good care by his friends.

3) Since there was a table tennis, hArith enjoyed playing with the ping pong ball. I guess all this while we always give him big size ball, so this time around he was fascinated to see a small tiny size ball.

4) And of cause foods were great, and best part of all, we could enjoy the food (since we had lots of babysitter)
Tuan Rumah kuar kan bicycle for athirAh, although the size was kind of big for her, she did enjoyed the ride. mOmmy pulak yg penat kena tolak. I was quite surprise that she was able to sit steadily. But before athirAh took a ride, his brother hArith sibuk nk check make sure it is safe for his sister. Here’s the little man kat bengkel tgh baiki basikal…
And lastly, checked the sit to ensure it is steady enough for athirAh so she won’t topple over.

And here athirAh enjoying her ride!

Oh, I just love that night. We actually went home past 11pm, while hArith and athirAh busy playing…pApa took the opportunity to play table tennis and snooker while me busy chit chat chit chat.
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  1. yeah it rained cats n dogs haritu. But it stopped soon after that what. U missed the mommies gatherings la, babies all over the place hehe. x pe next time iA.


  2. lana:
    syauqi work that nite. by the time the rain stop he had to take his nap coz keja malam. sorry, will try to visit u one of these days

    kaki tak smpai pun nk kayuh basikal tu. tp gaya cam besar sgt lar nk kayuh…hihi


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