A walk in the Park – TRIPLETS plus ONE

A walk in the Park

November 15, 2008

In my previous post, I mentioned bout how much I look forward for En Suami to come home from work so we could all go out. In most cases we usually ended up in malls. But now cam dah jemu asyik gi malls jer. Thus, lately we do more of outdoor activity. Pegi park pulak. Afterall hArith has started walking and also a good exercise for athirAh who is almost there. Jalan masih tersenget2.

At this park, it was our first time witness athirAh taking more than 3 steps. This park is rather too sophiscated and futuristic, see….ended up teenages yang panjat2. While my lil’ rascals just roam around

And here’s athirAh eyeing at the artificial rock climbing wall…

don’t worry dear, when your time comes…I will definitely bring you for rock climbing!

Here’s hArith enjoying his freedom moving around without any adult saying “No harith, don’t go there!” (yup, he gets this often at home, coz he likes to enter the kitchen and play at the stairs)

and this little boy has no problem sitting in his carrier enjoying the wind

My lil rascals wanted to play this, but there’s this boy who kept on conquering it. Each time he sees us approaching the big swing…he will quickly run and climb on it….arrggghhh. So ended up, I told the boy that my kids want to ride it, but yet he refused to get off it.

hArith was so hAppy that the world is sooo big for him to move around, hihi

pApa managed to get a picture of athirAh’s first few steps!!!

Last2, penat sgt belajar jalan…anak dara ni nk senyum kt gambar pun dh tak larat…hahahha

Oh gosh, only Allah knows what else has gotten into this lil gal’s tummy. We caught her eating dried leaf!

And as usual, stone would be the major attraction for hArith…

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  1. tgk athirah mkn daun mcm sedap gilerr..smpi tutup mata lg..thin n crispy eih athirah?hehe..btw baiknyer uzair dok diam2 dlm carrier..rase nk cubit je..bole?


  2. Park ni kat Desa Park City, near bandar manjalara. A nice park i shall say!

    tu lar..muka layan giler kn makan daun. Yummy..thin and crispy! hihi

    its definitely nice to see their development. especially bile the very first time merangkak and jalan.

    salam perkenalan =)
    hmm…future geologist 😉


  3. nicela park ni. kat mana ya? i’m thinking to bring hariz at the park too. but u know la kat msia ni park mcm x suitable for babies kan? and kotor lak tuu.

    that park look nice and clean.


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