December 22, 2008

mOmmy and all 3 lil’ rascals are down with flu.
It all started from lil uZAir…I really pitty him, struggling to breath with his blocked nose.
So now we gonna have sleepless night as one after another will be awaken by their blocked nose.
Am glad that syauQi’s coming home tonite..oh what a relief…

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  1. Alaa… kesian you all… seems like everyone i know is having flu… i’m still trying to recover since last week, nak baik je terjangkit lagi. tarmizi, my dad n nuddin also down… and my cousins family in trg n melaka pun…. wahh.. mcm epidemic! bilal is sneezing tapi tak full blown…praying that it’ll just go away.

    hope you get well soon… have you tried Japlo nose cleaner for the babes? it really works sucking the mucous out. got really soft rubber tube than can be inserted gently inside the nostril which i find is more effective than the other bulbous ones yg tak boleh insert.. i bought mine at guardian the curve.

    hope everyone gets well soon. hugs n kisses


  2. its like annoying when one of us kena flu…coz it will be almost a never ending thingy…once uZAir baik jer sure berjangkit blk since hArith still has his, then the moment hArith about to recover, athirAh lak kena…and dapat balik kat uZAir…and the circles continues till i donno when…

    yup the japlo thingy is very good…the blue colour kn. we tried few brands and that’s the most lembut one.
    but now hubby found a new one…where it has two long tubes and a “collector”..one tube for us to sedut n the other tube goes into baby’s nose…and the mucus masuk the “collector”..so we can really sedut it out without getting it into our mouth.


  3. Dear Munirah…
    I rasa u pun perasan i selalu komen u punya blog… da reason of coz la nk tgk life u yg hampir sama dgn i yg kini ada anak kembar sebaya dgn anak u yg ke 3 tu….hehehehe…terbalik skit

    i baru je join twin registry …organization yg skrg tgh kumpul info ibu2 yg ada baby twin, triplet, etc…. dia ada forwardkan email kat i suruh forward kat ibu2 twins yg lain…tapi i tak tau camne nk htr email tu kat u….

    kalau u tk kisah… plz email ur email address to dis address noorulainm@maybank.com.my… i’ll forward u the details on the organization…

    da….. dats all kot


  4. oh kalau sorang kena flu, senang kn nak jangkit to teh others tambah pula kakak baby suka kiss baby.. huhu..

    moga mummy and kids cepat baik tu..


  5. alaa..shiannye kalian.. I baru selesai berperang, hannah and sophie almost recovered from flu. crankyness through the roof these past few days, masyaallah..

    You all get well soon ok. Loads of doa to you.. =)


  6. ayien78:
    oh ya i read it in the newspaper tp hv yet to cek it out

    tu ah once sorang kena flu the cicle goes on

    gosh kesiannye sophie yg newborn pun kena.
    glad u all dh recovered..,.hopefully mine soon


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