January 25, 2009
Shamyl: We cannot eat McDonald and KFC!!!

Me: Why?

Shamyl: Because they are the enemies!!!

(wow, even this 9 year old is joining the boycott campaign, so what about you?)

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  1. actually ikutkan we have to boicott all the US product, coz the gov US yg kena kan taxes kat all the sales item kan, so thus secara keseluruhannye boycott everything from US from starbucks, mcd, kfc, levis,fisher price, coach, etc

    coz all this goes to the gov US.

    agak2 bole tak nak boicot semua including US movies? =p


  2. Queen Bee:
    movie mmg i jarang tgk dh pun skrang. tv kat umah pun once a week pun blum tentu i watch. oh in fact i rase in 2 weeks pun blum tentu i tonton

    anak jiran depan =)


  3. Agree with Queen Bee. It doesnt matter actually to boycott or not, because in reality, there’s a lot of US products that we are using whether we realize it or not. And as a matter or fact, I personally dont think if all Malaysian boycott US products, US will get any poorer. But the one losing is definitely us Malaysian people, not just workers but the whole taxes coming from all these products.

    If it helped you to get a better picture, pls imagine this. Can MAS not fly to US as a boycott to their people? Oh hey that provides a lot of taxes to the govt you see. 🙂


  4. Yes dear, it sound impossible to boycott all products, but no harm trying to minimize our "contribution" to them to the extend that we could. For instant, i'm sure we can live happily without having a Double Cheese Burger in our meal, so why not leave it and take another meal.

    Yes, although we can't be so sure that these products are really funding the Zionist but since there are so many other baby product, why not stop using Johnson & Johnson and use other alternatives (for example)

    And that's y i qoute what my friend said:

    You say: If the boycott works, we'll suffer too… local businessmen their franchise businesses, locals their jobs at franchise chains….

    I ask: Can you find another job if you lose your job with Starbucks? Maybe?

    Then I ask you some more…

    Can you bring back the lives of children lost?
    Can you give back the orphans their fathers… and mothers?
    Can you restore their crippled bodies, their lost limbs and eyesight, their virginity?
    Can you erase their nightmares that is real?

    Basic human rights are being violated. Each one of us CAN and WILL make a difference. You do not have to fork out big financial donations, but you can choose where your money is being spent.Zionists are being funded somehow, by someone and something. Let's not be so naive about where they get their weapons to inhumanely massacre innocent people.


  5. oh and no doubt..US will have all kind of other means to help the Zionist attack Palestine

    that i can’t deny


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