After a month… – TRIPLETS plus ONE

After a month…

February 8, 2009

These are some of the photos I took couple of month back. hArith n athirAh enjoying themselves with the water.

Gambar main snap jer….skrang tgk2 balik br notice tat most gmbar budak2 tak pandang camera pun…sbb mak diorang main tekan jer butang camera tu…

After a month of photomama, here are some of the photos of them doing the same activity…. this time around i make a point to TRY to capture moments and facial expression

athirAh menggigil kesejukan,

athirAh happily “catching” the water drops…

ni pulak our model2 tambahan =)

Photomama started in January and there were 4 tutorial video for the month. It was then FOC to allow people to have a trial period of the website. Well, i personally think it’s beneficial n helpful. I’m really new in this field…there are lots of things to learn n room for improvement of coz

Starting this month, the weekly tutorial videos are meant for Premium Members at a cost of RM280 of annual fees. I find tat reasonably cheap coz even my add maths tuition fees was more than RM280 a month back in 1999.

Yup, im sure some are saying my photos ain’t good. Oh plz do not compare it with the Professional photos….instead compare it with MY PERSONAL PHOTOS before the birth of photomama.

So it’s up to u to judge my before n after a month of photomama photos. If you think I have managed to improve in my shots….y not u giv it a try too.Just click on the banner at the left side of my blog.

Oh gosh, nothing beats capturing each n every moment of ur child =).

p/s: pssst, if u were to go to the website of photomama directly, the fees would be RM350, but via my blog it will be RM 280
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  1. This is definitely not using handphone or point and shoot camera right? If using DSLR I still think you can produce this without tutorials/classes my dear…

    Zubye never attended class but just with a good cam she manage to produce even much better kids photos than SN.

    When the economy is weakening every sen counts 😉


  2. hana:
    yup no doubt zubye is a good kids photographer, i dont deny that!..tat’s y i took her to take my babies’ pictures.

    but SN is known and recognized as a wedding photographer so wouldnt be fair to compare wiz zubye. it is just like comparing zubye taking wedding photos with SN photos…it wouldnt be the same aight. different ppl specialise in different things.

    and yes zubye tak attend classes but i have seen her son’s picture pegang magazine on photography…so im sure she learnt from somewhere gak, other sources (i.e. magazines)

    and u believe tat wiz dSLR we can still produce good picture without tutorial..does tat means if i were to giv u a dSLR camera at this very moment, u can produce good photos like zubye in taking kids photograph or SN in taking wedding photos? 😉


  3. munirah, since i dah agak lama jugak follow ur blog, well wat can i say….bravo…nampak sgt the improvement esp the last pic tuh.

    so now u can post diff pic kat forum tuh, alar kat tempat u can compare dulu n sekarang. eh, u pegi tak the gathering?


  4. owh n anyhow, saiful nang pon x pg classes rite? but he’s now teaching based on his experience n wut has become his ‘periuk nasi’ n earned his millions!

    kan kaknem? huhu

    plus i think it’s a good investment no matter the economic climate. if i had a kid (hopefully a long time from now haha) i’d join too! seeing her progress tho, mayb by then she can take the photos for me while i sit back n enjoy! muahahahahah


  5. Nope, I mean if you were to give me your dslr, I can take the photos just like yours, the one u claimed taken after the tutorials.



  6. munirah… gambar2nya sungguh cantiksss… keep it up…

    what matters is your intention nak belajar, ngan sesapa pun takpe… nanti dah terer u boleh ajar kitorang pulak 😉

    kisses for the babies

    -mama-ir, miri, sarawak-


  7. And yes, SN didnt attend classes but brilliant enough to cheat others who are so willing to folk out money (which definitely not their hard earned-if ask from husb everyone can always do that too ;p) for him to stay rich!

    And if they are at least 1000 people like you, he would soon become billionaire too!


  8. been ur silent reader all this while. great pics =)

    hana,tu namenye rezeki dia lar kn. if u nk jadi millionaire u try lar venture into something and see ur bakat can grow money ke tak..

    ish ish, knp ek melayu mmg suke berdengki, tak suke ker tgk bangsa sendiri maju?

    mommy triplets ade online business kn, so wat makes u say mintaq duit from hubby…?


  9.’s up to her la nak belajar ke..nak explore sendiri..Kalau rase mampu boleh belajar dari experts…mungkin nak belajar sendiri akan ambik masa dan perlu study, make research semua tu…

    i think Munirah ni mmg anak org kaya..i don’t think mintak duit suami ke tidak jadi urusan kita.

    I pun ada dlsr..hv to explore myself but sometimes tak byk masa nak buat bacaan, semua tu..yelah kiter pun bukan fully fotografer kan….lagipun bukan boleh berguru dgn buku sahaja..sbb kadang kiter salah faham..perlu ada tunjuk ajar from the experts..

    btw munirah..just keep up the good work ok!Rugi kalau tak ambik gambar mereka sbb mase bukan boleh diundur. Memang nampak perbezaan sgt…

    p/s: What type of dlsr do u use??


  10. You can google up for tutorials in DSLR/Kids Photography and such, there’s plenty. I agree with some here making free money by doing online tutorials are plain rubbish, if you paid for physical classes that’s another story.

    Pls don’t be racism, I’m sure whatever race that businessman is is not the issue.


  11. la pasal ni pun nak pertikaikan ke? lawak la hana…;)

    btw dear nice pics… Byk yg boleh di scrapbook nanti 😉


  12. Munirah…sorry for the late delivery… I’m so regret but I can’t do anything… maybe coz of CNY, Pos Malaysia bit hairwyre n they mislooked your parcell….

    Later i’ll make sure yours is send by hand…(bukannya jauh mana pun Tun Dr Ismail tu) Sowi sgt2….


  13. hey munirah… i can defintely see the difference between your old pictures and the new ones 🙂 composition cun and i think the colors are richer/deeper 🙂

    It doesn’t matter what you use to take your photos, be it slr or hp camera, it’s the photographer. Munirah is becoming one! woot woot 😀 😀


  14. Very soon…they’ll see weather TPMC is rubbish or not. I remember a friend of mine…longggggg time agoooooo…..he talked a lot about many places siap bagi recommendation and critics…contohnya, “Ko jangan pegi lah London, kotor lah jijik dan bla bla bla…”. Then when I asked…ko dah pergi ke?

    He answered…

    Belum lagi…

    Let them bark…they can’t do anything. In the end…dgn tak malunya register…ye lah kita bukan tahu pun siapa yang baling batu sembunyi tangan tu. Kalau dia register pun kita tak kenal hehehe.


  15. dear munirah …dont wory . every time kiter sebut nama SN people some people will semangat want to learn n some people will terus melenting …hangen kat dia . Even dia tak buat apa apa pun . Tak senang menjadi seorang yg berjaya seperti SN …sama juga menjadi Dato CT …ramai org yg menyampah kat dia rather than suka kat dia

    Bukan semua org mampu …ada kamera SLR then akan amik gambar yang cantek2 ….bukan semua ok . Kalau semua mampu buat seperti itew maka takkan ada la kids photographer ,kerana ..semua ada slr semer hebat hebat asal nak upah org …

    well a barber need another b arber to cut his hair …”sn”

    yup u can google yup u can ask other people but ada benda kena berguru …even mengaji pun walaupun kiter mengenal kiter still perlukan guru .

    yup i org IT i know everything but still i have to attend training .

    I think if we dont want to join baik kiter diam je rather than kiter kutuk terang terangan . If Munirah wat to join if she wanna pay thats ok Its her money . She have the rights ,

    comparing Zubye n SN bukan cara yg bagus . Rasanya jikalau tetiba Zube or KC organize tutorial cam nih kowang akan kutuk2 tak …think about it

    Munirah dear …the pic is nice …dont pedulik what other people nak kata ..koz hanya kiter tahu apa yg kiter untung n hanya kiter tahu apa yg dia org rugi




  16. ada byk cara nak belajar, apa-apa pun.

    ada yg suka membaca
    ada yg suka bertanya
    ada yg suka memerhati
    ada yg suka ikuti kelas
    ada yg suka belajar online
    ada yg suka trial and error
    dan tak kurang juga ada yg tak suka belajar tapi rasa macam dah terrer

    terpulang pada individu…

    tak faham kenapa ada yg nak pertikaikan pilihan orang lain. terpulanglah pada individu tu sendiri, nak belajar cara macam mana, ye tak? hish….

    mummy orked


  17. mmg lar watever businessman punye race is not an issue…yg jd issue melayu yg suke dengki dgn kejayaan org…biar lar if SN punye rezeki jd billionaire…


  18. Photomama syok, even forum pun kita boleh dpt byk information. anyway, SN ker, zubye ker, compact kamera ker, dslr ker…that all about ‘our’ choice, pilihla mana yg kita nak…betul tak munirah?…


  19. munirah, i nampak byk beza ur old pics and pics sekarang.

    i pun baru dgn slr..jgn igt bila kita ada slr gambar yg kita ambil confirm2 cun habis. kalau tak reti basic2 slr, gambar yg diambil sama je mcm camera digital biasa. yup, kelebihan guna slr adalah gambar mmg sharp, color cantik, bla bla…tp itupun kalau kena dgn aperture, iso, shutter speed, focal lenght etc.

    so, berbaloilah munirah laburkan $$ dgn photomama dan hasilnya boleh dikira mengkagumkan utk org yg baru nak belajar. sekarang ni terpulang pada individu tu sendiri, u nak belajar dgn tutorial free yg belambak2 ada kat online atau u nak belajar secara interactive dgn video dan penuh dgn segala macam contoh. duit sendiri kan..


  20. tak susah ambek gamba pakai dslr. set ke P-mode. iso set aje 400 untuk outdoor. 800 atau 1,600 untuk indoor / malam. terus bole shoot!

    komposisi? ala tengok je dlm majalah. bole re-compose pon dlm photoshop.

    gelap? blur? tak cun?
    skrang ni zaman DSLR. bole re-shoot banyak kali. kalo subject kita anak.. well, hari2 bole shoot. takde masalah.

    attend photography courses yg mahal adalah pilihan “malas” sbb ada byk sgt option utk belajar dslr.


  21. oh wahai anonymous, sukahati lar Munirah nk bayar 4 the subscription, bukan die mintaq duit u pun.

    nway u kate bleh blajar dari magazine, brapa harga magazine photography? seringgit? dua ringgit?

    lets do some maths ere, a year subscription RM280 meaning a month is RM23.33. if beli magazine sure bkn satu dua kn? ended up brapa spend sebulan?

    ade kt sini puji zubye, ye mmg gmbar die superb tp nk buat mcm mane dah zubye x buat class. if yg puji zubye tu adalah kawan zubye, sila lah suruh zubye buat class yer, secara percuma tau sbb if die charge gak kang die lak awak kena label cekik darah.


  22. hmm..panas gak entry ni ye munirah..apa pun saya rase tak perlu kite nak laga2kan ant. fotografer..depapun tak de nak gaduh2 kita pula yang bising2. itu semua rezeki yang mereka dpt sbb depa kuat usaha. I know zubye sbb dia x scoolmate my hubby tapi lom pernah upah dia, dan dalam mase yang sama saya peminat hasil kerja SN.

    Tak pela munirah..biar jela…


  23. I wonder apsal duk sebut/or even compare tu another photographer ni.
    punyala ramai photographer awat nama Z gak disebut yea??Urmm Im wondering :p
    U pay and u gain knowledge kan?well, setiap org ada dia punya priority.
    U kata dgn bayar kt saifulnang dia akn jd kaya raya kan?Habis tu u jgn la guna ape2 product, kang owner product ape2 semua kaya raya.Kita patut support org supaya maju.Bukan ada PHD( perasaan hasad dengki).Mcm mana diri kita nak maju, kalau dlm hati ada sifat mcm ni.
    Sometimes, kita kena pk global, bukan main ckp je:p
    Oh ya lg satu, husband munirah mmg baik hati,pemurah,and bla bla bla.And kalau dia bagi duit ke ape,bukan ke itu namanya husband dia sgt pekat sbb isteri dia nk tuntut ilmu?Im sure u ada yg tak puas hati kan dgn ur life?Urmm..ohh I understand how u feel dearr hana, tp jgnla u marah kt munirah ye.

    p.s: Munirah jugak buat biz.Di ada income sendiri 🙂


  24. juz got back from my holiday and realised agak panas ini isu.
    like wat some had said…tak perlu laga2kn antara photography and this is my choice of learning photography…tru tutorial.

    i shall quote wat my sis kate…if ade yg kata bleh jer belajar from magazine and tak perlu berguru sbb itu kononnye tindakan ‘malas’…kalau macam itu analoginye…knp zaman sekolah sume org kena berguru? apa kate time SPM sume org homeskool…beli aje buku sasbadi byk2 belajar sendiri, tak perlu berguru. realitinye tak ramai kn yg homeskool? sume org berguru. malah tak cukup dgn guru kt sekolah….siap mencari cikgu tuition lagi. adakah itu tindakan malas pelajar2 seluruh malaysia?

    oh if dh beli dslr tu…xkn nk gune satu mode jer. of coz nk blajar manual mode and other2 mode. if tak blaja sume tu same jer i gune Point n shoot camera


  25. wah…panas sungguh topik ni!

    apapun, i just need to leave a comment for this entry..sbb the latter piccas semua cun! not just the water details (yg mmg p&s xboleh capture huhu..), tapi the composition of the piccas as well! boy u really r a pelajar cemerlang on this one, munirah! 😉


  26. Setuju utk tidak compare kan Zubye dgn SN. Tapi kalau pada amatan saya pun, kalau perhatikan SN lebih handal ambil gambar kids. No offence ek semua, itu my personal preference. Tak percaya boleh tengok kat TPMC.


  27. since x tahu biler.. i juz being ur silence reader. love to read n knows all the perkembangan of ur twin plus another one..

    good job my fren… keep up ur good job


  28. apa kes la kutuk2 orang nak belajar kids photo ni.. apa saja caranya.. dia punya suka la duit dia.. dun wori munirah.. i pun sama cam u.. suka belajar DIRECTLY from the pro sambil self-learning kat internet & books.. me also dah join PhotoMama and insyaallah will be there for the PhotoClinic session..oh ya.. PhotoMama tu bukan setakat belajar online melalui video jer tapi ada gathering & photoclinic jugak tau… sambil belajar boleh kenal other moms with same interest too..


  29. Assalamualaikum,…

    Tak puas hati… Hana, kalau kita tak suka, kita diam. Bukan mencuba nak mengaibkan seseorang sehingga tanpa kita sedari, kita akan mengganggu periuk nasi orang. Dalam Islam pun ada sebut dua perkara ni, ‘tidak mengaibkan seseorang’ dan ‘tidak mengganggu periuk nasi @ punca rezeki seseorang’.

    Berjuta-juta ringgit dilaburkan SN untuk mendapat ilmu yang kemudian dikongsi hanya dengan sedikit bayaran @ kadangkala dia bagi free jer dengan orang lain suma.

    Apa pun saya sokong taun punya blog nih. Bersemangat dan penuh iltizam nak belajar dan menimba ilmu.

    P/s: boleh lawat blog saya kalau nak tinggal pendapat anda…


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