Back to Square One – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Back to Square One

February 20, 2009

Today is the end of En. Suami leave…it sure nice to have him around for the past 12 days, and of coz bringing all of us for the Bali vacation. Thank you, thank you and thank you. Yes, although he didn’t really consider it as a holiday (cause of the tiredness with the kids) I enjoyed every single day of those 6 days. Being in my shoes…regardless of in Bali or home, my routine with the kids are still the same, thus i surely prefer once in a while having that same routine else where.

Some might say that a perfect holiday is just the two of you – husband and wife. But for me, a perfect holiday is with the whole family. Yes, with all the excess baggage (the kids). Coz the moment I decided to have kids, I have already instill in my mind that there will no longer be just the two of us. It comes in a package now…hArith, athirAh and uZAir.

There were times that pApa felt so tired till he finds it impossible to actually have a vacation with lil’ ones. Thus he kept repeating couple of times, no more such holiday till the kids bigger. Hmm i sure do hope he didn’t mean it, kang tak pasal2 Allah tarik rezeki holiday kami…

Well, En Suami left for work after Maghrib just now, so it’s back to square one for mOmmy.

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  1. same goes to me la… hubby pun bnyk kali ckp, no vacation till the kids bigger.. ye la kan, balik kg yg dlm m’sia pun penat x terhingga, inikan pulak pi negara org! haha… bersabar je la sementara nk tggu anak2 besar ni, bdk2 kecik ni mmg bnyk ragam, kite ingat bile da jalan tu mcm sng skit, tp same je, lg penat ade la!


  2. yes, agree with u..once we have our lil’ angels,we have no heart to leave them and just enjoy the holiday with hubby!

    our happiness = whole family happiness


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