April 14, 2009

Last night and the night before…
I had the best sleep ever!!!
I need not wake up whenever one cries,
All I had to do was cuik En Suami and said “u, budak bgn..”
and continue my sleep
The night felt sooo long
that I actually woke up couple of times
checking the time
and saying to myself
“aik, it’s only 3am?”
“aik, blum subuh lagi?”

Fuh, i am indeed thankful and greatful for what I have
=) =) =)

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  1. yes jua, one word for it

    HEAVEN =)

    p/s: bile u plan nk gi zoo? kami pun dari aritu dok plan nk pegi..tapi tak pegi2 lagi


  2. at last u have ur gd nite sleep 😉
    mesti dah terbiasa bgn mlm kan yelah 10 days plak tu..berkat kesabaran dapat dah tdo nyenyak..hehe


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