Fun Splashing – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Fun Splashing

April 19, 2009

**maaf, entri kali ni penuh dgn gambar…

After not having the father for 10 days, we enjoyed our 7 days having him around. Did few activities (besides strolling in the mall for nothing in particular…m’sia siang ari xde tmpat lan tuk pegi…panas sgt). And one of the activities were……this.

What’s that? Well, even hArith n athirAh were curious at first…

And the thing gave them a suprise!!! Water is always synonym with FUN =)

They were sooooo hAppy n excited..

To double the fun, we took out their mini pool

pApa pun basah skali, i couldnt get any closer to take photos or i’ll get the camera wet. n also case malas nak tukar lense…so xleh nk zoom…

hArith calling out for uZAir who was having his dinner at tat time…

Busy splashing like there’s no tomorrow…

Jeritan kegembiraan =0

ni budak kesejukan tp xnk kuar dari air…

yes, uZAir pun join =) sgt2 happy…

budak ni pun xnk benti main…

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  1. salzahari:
    fuh naik buntu kadang tu pikikn activity ape nk buat.
    if tak buat pape..kang grumpy lagi cranky diorang kt dlm rumah.

    tp kadang tu tak payah anything creative, a trip to the park dh cukup tuk buat diorang happy.

    next post i letak pasal our trip to the park pulak kay =)


  2. the father bought mase gi US, hadiah sbb kena tinggal 10 hari kt umah dgn mOmmy.. 😉


  3. waaaaa…hi dear! hasnor was here! hehehe..they’re having fun! bestnye…mama x rase cm nk join skali ke? 😉 hehe


  4. erm.. agak-agak benda alah tu ada dijual tak di malaysia..? mcm toys r us ke..? macam best je kan..? 🙂


  5. zuhaini:
    mende tu beli kt toys r us US, tadi i gi tgk toys r us OU tak jumpe. tapi they have yg mcm mini pool my kids tu ( but bigger) and keliling pool tu akan ade air pancut kuar from it…mcm water fountain lah kirenye


  6. nope…what i meant was, in your own area pun ada je leh buat. Ohoo, almaklumlah rumah corner area dan ada pdg luas! mine, intermediate, rumput pun lum Aliah suka korek pasir jer (masukkan kat longkang). tu pun dia suka kemain!!


  7. hArith n athirAh pun suke main tanah…tp ur daughter at least buang dlm longkang ok lg…my kids korek tanah dr pasu pastu sepah2 kn kt patio rumah…pastu gelak2 dua beradik tu gembira. nk marah buat sepah pun tak jadi sbb tgk they r having fun


  8. hi munirah..your kids are so cute!!
    I really admire all pictures taken by you..especially the picture yang ada water splash tu..cantik sangat!! I’ve read your entry about having dslr camera but don’t really know how to use it..sangat impress tengok perubahan after you dah masuk photomama..I bought my dslr about a year ago..and most of the time my husband yang pakai..but after having my lovely son baru la terpikir nak betul2 belajar how to take a really nice picture using dslr..rase rugi sangat if tak dapat capture gambar yang menarik pakai dslr..hope you dont mind sharing your experience using dslr camera ye..take care..


  9. miralatiff:
    hi there! thanks for the compliment on my photo.
    well, i shall agree with you tat mmg rase rugi if we miss taking moments of our lil ones. i have wasted about 18 months of gud moments of my lil ones and wouldnt want to waste anymore tu sbb i immediately enrolled as premium member in photomama.

    n since u mmg ade the gadget, u shuld make full use of it. mom is always more often with the child so it is always a gud idea to keep the camera near to u and start taking photos when ur kids doing something. so it be an advantage if moms know how to handle the camera…if nk tunggu hubby, by the time nk panggil hubby…moment anak tu pun dh over.

    hmm,my experience? seriously zero knowledge. we bought our dslr after joining photomama. so i blaja setting sume frm the online video tutorial.

    jom lar join premium members photomama =) they also hv forum to share knowledge with others. jom jom, click banner photomama tu


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