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Let your kids crawl

April 18, 2009

Well, my mom always point out to me that it is important for babies to crawl. The more they crawl the better it is. In fact, hArith crawled for 4 months while athirAh crawled for 5 months before they started walking. Some asked, why it took them so long to start walking.. I knew my mom was right, crawling is important, i knew that it is important for their brain development. But I don’t have it in black n white to show others.

And thanks to Bilal’s mother who found this great website. A write up on why is crawling important.

However, according to childhood educator Glenn Doman, a pioneer in the field of right-brain training, crawling forwards is an essential skill to master. Doman claims that crawling stimulates the brain to develop convergence of vision – and that as a result, children who skipped this phase as babies may find it difficult to learn to read and write. In addition, children who missed out on crawling may suffer from speech problems, he says – because the same part of the brain (the midbrain) controls both functions

You can read more of the article here.

In fact it is alright if your child doesnt start walking up to age 18months!!! The more they crawl…the better it is for their brain. So don’t rush into getting a walker for your baby.

Yes, I do have walker in my house. We first bought that basically to place one child in when I have to change the other child’s diaper. “Park” them in the walker so he/she doesnt crawl everywhere and climb up the stairs. Tapi skrang, dah bleh kuar masuk walker sendiri dah…haha

My eyes are now glued to this website. It has lots and lots of good articles, even free flashcard for u to download. They even have articles on swinging our babies. Well, my husband and I been swining our babies ever since…tapi ramai yg tgk sure akan kata, wuish tecabut tangan kan. I read up the website, and it says we are doing the right thing =)

Wondering who is Glenn Doman? Click here

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  1. my daughter gi tadika yg practice glenn doman ni. one of the many things dia tanya, ada tak budak ni skip any stage cth-nya merangkak ke apa. it hit me, mek kecik i merangkak only for a short while then 9 bulan dah berjalan. cikgu ada ckp maybe nak kena betulkan mana2 yg patut when the times come nanti masa belajar la.


  2. i pun addicted to BrillBaby since ever!

    Hafiy pun tak merangkak lama. at 8 month dia start merangkak & 3 month later dia berjalan OK dah.


  3. Salam Munirah,
    Would like to thanks you so much for the website given(sblm ni website psl pemakanan pon I tgk dr blog u, TQ also!) I found out this is the most informative website psl bb and child development. I was thinking to send my 11 months bb to swimming class. I bace by age 2 months da boleh ajar swimming but my bb nazmin 11 bulan br I campak die dlm swimming pool, how rugi kan?but luckily the 1st time masuk pool die auto pandai apungkan badan.
    He crawls at 91/2 months and now going to walk i think but ur uzair was advance by crawling at 6 months..bravo!! 🙂


  4. oh good sharing. My khadijah still taknak merangkak dan setahun ni. Duduk sendiri pun belum pandai, bila kita dudukkan ok je. Kami mmg letak dia dalam walker utk kes-kes mcm ada eje nak buat, kalau tak, dia akan menyusur masuk bawah meja dan akan kutip masuk mulut apa dia jumpa. Huh kena train dia crawling nih..


  5. wahh hebatnya uzair dah crawling masa umur 6 bulan..bb rayyan tak lagi..suka sgt tgk munirah ngan anak2..ur child nampak happy sgt ngan aktiviti2 dorang..bg petua sikit mcmana nak bg aktiviti anak2 best..wink!!


  6. nurul atikah:
    well, ive been searching for infant swimming lesson dari dulu lagi but have yet to find any. do u know anywhere yg ade?

    Leen Die:
    basically let them have the freedom to explore. kids are very curios so let them be. but of coz with ur supervision lah

    i see byk parents tak kasi anak main atas rumput, main tanah and all. but for me…biar kn je but always hv ur eyes on them. giving them the freedom makes them happy n tat automatically makes me happy too =)

    n pastu u mandi sental diorang kaw kaw, hihi


  7. erm..okies…tat y i see harith, athirah n uzair very happy with their world..neway give them to explore dunia dorang kan n their brain akan cergaskan..erm..thank for ur info..realy i very like c u n ur children..ermm must be practice utk my bb rayyan nie..sbb klu kat umah mesti i ckp bb dun go there..dun do tat..erm..i rasa mcm tue tak elokkan..so now i must be give rayyan freedom n explore around him.. like ur give to ur child….thanks munirah….

    bab sental menyental nie memang mak suka…heheheheh..
    kiss utk harith, athirah n uzair k…


  8. Leen:
    yup, let them exploren tat would help to stimulate their brain when they see n touch different texture.

    tp if main switch mmg i jerit ah NOOOOO, hihi

    i teringin nk bwk diorang gi beach main pasir…x pegi2 lagi


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