2nd Day – TRIPLETS plus ONE

2nd Day

May 14, 2009
Today, we didn’t intend to send athirAh to skool, just hArith. but we brought her along to let her familiarise with the place. hArith smiled upon reaching his school. =) We stayed for awhile and this time around, we need not sneak out quietly. I told hArith that i’m leaving and will fetch him later. athirAh of coz lar kelam kabut lari kejar we all to the gate, haha

But at about 10:30am, teacher called me saying hArith has started crying. Just as much as I guess, he was sleepy. As usual he woke up 6:30am so by 10 he wanted his milk. When i reached there, I told him he can still have his milk there. He lay down and drank his milk, but after few minutes he began crying again.

So I packed his stuff but the time i wanted to buckle him up in his carseat, he began crying. He was undecided…to go home or not. hmm…”i-am-sleepy-but-i-still-want-to-do-those-activities”… Reached home, gave his milk and off to lala land….

Nevermind, just like mama shmontel said…no pressure on them. Will try again next week =)
Oh, on his first day yesterday…balik muka happy giler. He looks cheekier now. If tanye “hArith macam mane muka school?” he will smile and grin..hihi
here’s my cheeky boy =))

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  1. hmm munirah lain pulak sekolah haiQal. They didn’t call me at all kalau haiQal nangis sebab nanti i yg akan nangis kat office x leh buat pape 😛


  2. hehe.. cute HArith.. erm.. sekolah tu tak bagi ke harith tido jap time dia ngantuk tu..? hihi.. 🙂


  3. my twins mase 1st time hantar diorg masuk nursery, seminggu jugak la diorg nangis2 smpai panjat2 pagar.. haha.. nk buat mcm mane, kami kerja kan.. nk x nk cikgu diorg kene pandai2 handle la.. so far diorg nangis x lame, bile da ramai kawan2 yg lebih besar layan & ajak diorg main, diorg da ok!

    yg kelakarnye, masa mula2 dulu2 time nk balik tu dlm pukul 6 ptg, bile nmpak je kitorg pun, diorg still nangis sedih.. hehe..

    time nk tido plak, diorg kt sane ade time, & kitorg mmg ade bekalkan sekali bantal utk diorg tido.. so, alhamdulillah, x de masalah la..


  4. lana:
    mayb sbb mmg i told the teacher..if die nanges teruk sgt call me, afterall im not working pun kn.
    and also if ikutkn they dont take harith punye age..so sblum they change their mind to reject his enrollment, i might as well make their life a lil bit easier…hihi

    zuhaini & syahnur:
    mmg dh bekalkn susu..tapi die yg cam kekok nk minum and tido kt situ. awal2 minum okay..pastu halfway, die jadi sebak…panic tido tempat lain kot.


  5. Waaaa…

    Risaunye bulan 7 ni.. nak kene hantar Nisa’ gi nursery…

    Harap sgt dapat nursery awal so boleh buat mcm you… give the kids time to familiarize with the new surroundings..


  6. i love his smile.. bisa luruh jantung melihatnye.. 🙂 sweetest smile eva coz jrg tengok harith senyum..


  7. salam kenal …
    suka tengok anak2 u active …
    all of them are cute …
    i nak tukar link ngan u boleh …
    Harap sudi ..
    actually i add u already ….:P


  8. Gosh..Harith is now a handsome boy. I noticed he has clear grey eyes, what a charm!!!!!

    -kak ti-


  9. cybermummy:
    i dh add ur link =)

    kak ti:
    wahh bunyi cam pakai contact lense jer…grey eyes, hihi


  10. love his eyes laaa…hehehe….cair hati kite…hik hik..senyuman haris sgt menawan. aww~


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