Mothers' Day suprise! – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Mothers' Day suprise!

May 9, 2009
How did we celebrate Mothers’ Day? We decided to throw a surprise breakfast for our mom. Every weekend my mom and her two friends will go for morning walk at Lake Garden. So today, we went there to set up breakfast for her and her friend. Earlier that night I already pakat with one of her friend….

Everything went well and YES, my mom was surprised =). We prepared English Breakfast coz tat was the easiest we could think of. Bought various kinds of bread from Delifrance the day before, some scones and few types of Salami. Drinks were, juices, coffee and sparkling grape (non-alcoholic of coz!)

We managed to set up the place on time. Sadly, the net material that I bought to do up the gazebo was left at home…so we couldnt decorate the place in detail.

Here’s photo of my brother skodeng tunggu bayang2 my mom and her frens

And me waiting for signal from my brother…

My brother decided to let hArith free playing all by himself (but of coz with his supervision from a distance). Then my mom’s friend notice hArith and told my mom. But at first, she didnt believe its her cucu..and after a close look…it is indeed her grandson. And in the middle of my mom stunned with the situation of “what-is-hArith-doing-here?” All of us came out from our hiding and jump about wishing her “HAPPY MOTHERS’ DAY!!!!!”

Here’s a picture of my brother running towards my mom, and hArith in her hand.

And here’s the three walking buddy =) (me bepakat / bersubahat with Auntie Badil – in white scarf)

We managed to set up the table like this…very much disappointed for not bringing along the netting material to hang at the gazebo…

More photos of the food we prepared….

My kids were happy to be in the park, coz this time around they have their uncle and grandparents to run around with…

athirAh as usual, getting her “rollercoaster ride”, weeeeeeeeeeeeee

and weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

uZAir enjoyed himself too =)))

And here are more photos of the suprise

To all mom’s out there, hAppy mothers’ day!!!!!

hmm, gerammnye terlupa bawak kain tu. padahal the day before dh bwk masuk dlm keta pastu gi gatal tgn kuarkn. penat jer tersenget2 bawak all 3 gi ikea semata2 tuk beli kain tu. gud thing mase tu my dad sanggup ikut. kurang lar skit tesenget2 tu,hihi.
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  1. very thoughtfulnye u munirah 😛 mesti terkejut giler ur mom hehehe…athirah ok jek tu pakai skirt…heheh tpi i think dia lasak2 sbb diapit oleh 2 boys harith & uzair..but ok apa, tough girl nnti beso


  2. okinokiyo:
    mmg tekejut my mom, lagi2 bab tetiba cucu die tekonteng2 sorang2 kt playground tu. sbb b4 die kuar umah tu sume org belakon baik punye. mandi pun tak lagi, tgh pakai pyjamas lagi. so mmg tak suspect pun kami nk kuar

    the moment my mom kuar, kelam kabut siapkn all 3 and panas kn food sume.

    athirAh certain skirt jer yg look ok on her. some cutting tak sesuai. tp now rmbut dh pnjang skit, so nmpak ok skit wiz skirt.

    hmmm, die lasak sbb diapit dgn boys tp masalahnye die punye lasak kalah combine hArith n uZAir, hihi


  3. Between us Munirahs, I think you did pretty well. Of course la your siblings helped. And of course la you got distracted, hence forgetting the trimmings you bought. It’s the thought and the effort which count the most. Well done to all.
    Salams from
    The Original Munirah


  4. ohhh… munirah….. such a beautiful and sweet story…. u ni good daughter and great mommy la! happy mother’s day dear!


  5. kak hanim…just had a chat with my auntie..heheheh..kak hanim joined photomama ka? wa…leh jadi photographer 4 babies n toddlers la nanti ya.. 🙂

    tak mai perlis ka?musim harum manis nih…


  6. haku ko:
    my mom pun called ur auntie after i told her about u..hihi
    yup, i joined photomama…u pun ker?

    wah itu harum manis mmg sgt manis, tp susah nk dpt kn, aritu auntie badil kate nk beli tapi tak jumpe. but i managed to eat sbb father-in-law kasi, yum yum

    oh, i yg patut panggil you kak =)


  7. hanim >>yeap..they calling-calling each other 🙂 sorry terpanggil 'kak' kat u.

    me photomama? i dun think so. im in perlis kan..tak berbaloi plak..i'll just keep on flipping through the net for inspirations ja la 🙂


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