On hArith n athirAh – TRIPLETS plus ONE

On hArith n athirAh

May 26, 2009

Yesterday was hArith 6th day of skool. There was still crying here and there but the teachers said he showed improvement. I took the opportunity to take photos of hArith when I drop him off yesterday.
These were the things that hArith did…

I stayed for awhile before sneaking out quietly.

Having his morning snack,

Did some colouring…

and what he likes most…scooping and pouring…
Ever since he started doing this activity in school..meal time is all about scooping n pouring too. He will scoop his rice onto athirAh’s place…and then transfer it again to his plate, again and again. He can also eat using the spoon now. Scoop it and feed it into his mouth.

He also has pick up few new habit. If anything spill in the house, he will run to get tissue and start wiping it. He will also take tissue to wipe his hand each time after he washes his hand. Or if athirAh cries, he will kelam kabut search for athirAh’s fav plush toy and give it to her for comfort. (coz whenever he cries in school..all friends will start giving one toy after another…trying to comfort him)
Hmm, considering..in 6 days he has already pick up those habit..not bad aight?

And athirAh on the other hand…kesian, kecik2 dah dapat surat dari lawyer tau!!! Tak pasal2 kang kena masuk court

Her outstanding bill from the hospital…yup the first 4 months of her life. Previously they told us we could pay bit by bit…installment, any amount. Then they suggested to take out duit EPF, so we had to pay RM80 for the hospital report as one of the document needed for pengeluaran kwsp. It took more than 6 months for us to get the report, and yg bengong nye kt coloumn “penyakit critical”, they tick “ya” tapi kt column “membolehkn pengeluaran kwsp” they tick “tidak”. Apakah??? They told us to do so, and we had to pay for the report and tunggu punye tunggu report tu..blakang citer report tu takleh pakai. Camane nk kuar kn kwsp camtu??? Kan ke bengong namenye tu..
Nway, to elakkn any further complication and further action from the hospital / lawyer we decided to pay one lump sum. Paid for hArith’s outstanding bill too…and the total was a whooping 5 digit figures!
Tu pegi government hospital..if private hospital per head can be up to 6 figures!!! Well, whatever the amount is, we are more than hAppy that they are now healthy and turning 2 next month!
Nope, there won’t be any party for them. Besides not getting the approval from the finance minster, now with the amount we just paid yesterday…hence definitely no party. Hmm…perhaps we can have playdate. Anyone wanna join hArith n athirAh to get WET and DIRTY?? Sila angkat tangan, =). Lets set a date for some fun.
But *WARNING…sape2 yg rase tak sanggup mandi dlm kolam yg kecil ade pasir2 sebab hArith n athirah kuar masuk kuar masuk lari2 atas rumput and terjun balik dlm air…disarankn tak perlu angkat tangan..hihi

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  1. jua:
    Faris, jom main waterballoon lagi! kali ni mama takyah jadi cinderalla lap lap lantai everytime balloon pecah =)


  2. Salaam

    been dropping on off, was researching Kizsport when i came across ur entry.

    Eh u stay in TTDI? My house is sorta behing Lana’s. I hear Haiqal’s voice daily these days.


  3. angkat tangan ngan penuh semangat …
    Emmm !!! auntie eligible tak harith n athirah 😛


  4. wah seronok nyer..
    munir. i pun experience the same.i waited almost 2 months + to get my report for my ins claims. the same hospital.


  5. Hmm.. Hospital bill, tell me bout it.. Ian kat private hospital for 45 days pun dah kena RM9++++.. Memang dah bleh beli flat sebijik kan? 😛


  6. Munirah, haiQal n momma dia kaki2 pon angkat sekali to celebrate your twin's 2nd yr bDay. 😀

    Munirah mencelah sket plz. tQ: Hanim my neighbour!!! yarabbi everyday is it u hear him? sorry haiQal mmg verbal sket. His favourite past time now is singing & SCREAMING! hahaha


  7. wah…bestnya. kalau my baby nk join boleh?

    btw surat lawyer tu very familiar mesti dari hospital UH.. my dad kena 4 figure amount tapi bila nk settle i mention bout my dad punya card pencen sebab masa nk discharge dia kata tak yah bayar tetiba after 2 years baru dpt surat lawyer. tanya punya tanya last kena byr only rm30! alhamdulillah.


  8. ahahah Rifqi will love to join! 😀 btw..mahalnye beb bil..sampai 5 figure? erghh..tu hospital gomen..kalo private cemana..*faint*


  9. Hanim:
    yup yup me in tmn tun gak, burhanuddin helmi =)

    jom! adam nk join?

    my parents beli when they were in US..tak sure harga, can cek toysrus punye website.

    as long u dont mind allowing ur kids to get wet n dirty..u r then eligible..hihi

    mmg bejanggut tunggu, then bile dh dpt..takleh pakai lar pulak. sape tak hangin

    jom jom havoc kn keadaan =)

    tu lah kn..mmg ur case bleh beli sebiji flat..but ur company cover ek maternity? my hubby’s tak cover =(

    bleh2..nanti join uZAir kay

    hahhaha, siap kaki2 angkat.jom jom. lets get WET.

    wah, hQ practicing his vocal chord ek! hihi

    jom Tasneem. will set a date one of the weekend kay =)

    Ablen Eusoff:
    of coz bleh join, as long u tak kisah getting wet n dirty..hihi

    bout the bil, unfortunately none of us keja gov so tak dapat lar diskaun gov…

    athirAh stayed in the hosp for 4 months n hArith lak 3 bulan..tu pasal bil melambung…
    tu pun we dah bayar partial of it sebelum ni

    jom bawak Rifqi main, pastu i ade extra cameraWoman, memangdang kn nanti i akan begelut ngan anak2 i, bleh lar u snap kn =)


  10. my company cover maternity up to 7.5k jer..(antenatal and postnatal).. kitorg wat amniocentesis n karyotyping je pun dah dekat 5k..

    deliver c-section plak, mmg kena top up la..

    bill baby nasib la kira separate.. which is fully covered. kalau tak, hadoiii.. pengsan! 😛


  11. salam,
    selalu jadi silent reader je,tapi entry munirah kali ni mengujakan pulak.

    suka gambar2 yg munirah ambil, and i especially love taking pix of kids having fun. me taklaa kawin lagi, tapi ada sorang anak sedara umur 6 tahun. biasa masa tengok blog munirah dia pun excited tengok gambar anak2 tu main ngan macam2 toys segala. kat rumah ni, memang dia yang jadi bahan eksperimen foto sama kawan2 tadikanya.

    jadi kalau tak keberatan (since this request comes from a total stranger), boleh saya nak angkat tangan join sama?



  12. wow…that’s such a handsome amount i should say..huhuh

    i thot pergi gov always free. tak eh? hahahaa mengong.

    but i think you did the right thing to pay the total in lump sum. kalau tk nnt pening laa nk fikir hutang kan.


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