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To do or not to? (And Good News for those suffering from SLIP DISC)

November 11, 2009

A month ago i remembered clearly the quality time i had with hArith. While the other 2 were asleep, my mom asked if we wanted to tag her along to Ikea. So off we went. All this while mall has always been synonym with strollers for my lil’ rascals.

Yup, everytime pegi mall they will remain seated in the stroller. No chance at all to get up from the stroller. They have been trained that way. Oh, basically they are left with no choice. If one wants to get up, sure the others will follow suit…so getting off the stroller is a NO NO.

However, since it was just me and hArith. i decided to treat him like a big boy. Hold his hand and walk together. I noticed that by doing so it makes him more alert of his surrounding, he will walk towards things to feed his curiosity and while doing so, both of us will interact. i will explain this and that. At times, it may be just simple things like mentioning the colours he sees. This interaction are not so possible while seated on stroller. Yes, they can look around but we dont comunicate. Mom will just push around the stroller.

Somehow i feel that it is good to have such quality time like that. Like yesterday, went to OU to pick something up. Brought uZAir n hArith since athirAh was asleep. So uZAir seated in the stroller (pApa pushed) while hArith walk with me. He would point to those advert and read the numbers and alphabet he recognize. I feel that it is a good exercise for his vocab. We went to the bakery shop, he helped me hold the tray while i choose the bread and he placed the tray on they counter for me.

So i’m thinking that every now and then i have to do this. To go out with just one of them, walk hand in hand and explore the surroundings, together. So sape yg tido, die lah kena tinggal…hihi

BUTTT what i’m worried is that, if i were to do this, each time we go out full force..they might tend to refuse sitting on their stroller. That would destroy all the years of training sitting nicely on strollers.

So what do you think?



A reader of my blog email me saying husband die kena slip disc. Doctor suruh operate, yes it was severe stage. but they wanted to try USANA so they could try avoid the need of operation. This was my conversation with her via ym last week.

munirahpunye: hi dear

munirahpunye: how’s ur husband?

Honey: haii..

Honey : alhamdulillah

Honey : he is getting better

Honey : yang bestnyerr dia dah tak terbongkok bongkok lagi

Honey : hehehehe

munirahpunye: seryesss

Honey : tapii masa mula mula ari tuu kan

munirahpunye: mmg the ubat works lar kan

munirahpunye: dh brapa lame ek die amiq?

Honey: almost 2 weeks

munirahpunye: mmg dah ade beza ek

munirahpunye: alhamdulillah

munirahpunye: sbb lain org lain kn

munirahpunye: cam i punye kaki ni lmbat skit

munirahpunye: ade org yg mmg cepat serasi

Honey: tapi sakit masih lagi

munirahpunye: slowly

Honey : cuma tak laa bongkok udang

munirahpunye: sbb bkn cam magic

Honey : boleh lurus badan

Honey : tapi jalan sakit lagi

munirahpunye: oh b4 this mmg bongkok sgt ke

Honey: yerr laa

Honey: sangatt bongkok

munirahpunye: now dh bleh diri tegak

munirahpunye: keep on lah taking the supplement

Honey : n hari tu sampai kena pakai tongkat

munirahpunye: insyaAllah okay

munirahpunye: ohh mmg dasyat tul smpai kena pakai tongkat

munirahpunye: oh mase yg jumpe doc yg kate nk kena operate tu ek, mase tu mmg bongkok sgt2 yer?

Honey : yup

Honey : now ok

Honey : doktor pun dah kurangkan dia nyer fisio

Honey : daripada hari hari

munirahpunye: icc

Honey : just seminggu 2 kali ajerr

Honey : masa hari jumaat lepas dia dah start tak pakai tongkat

munirahpunye (11/3/2009 8:16:36 PM):

*btw, her husband is taking Essentials and Procosa II

email me at for any enquiries

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  1. Munira, u tau tak Jon & Kate Plus 8 tu? Kat DH&H ada showing. Derg kan, one day each month dia akan ada dedicated day with one child. And the kid get to choose apa dia nak buat.

    Cth cam u, u decide tuesday as harith day, then u can ask him to choose what he wanted to do on that day. Kata dia decide to pegi playground, then u gi dgn dia je ke playground. Think dis way, u can focus more on him and him only and am very2 sure dia akan rasa very2 special on every special Tuesday tu.


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    yup, i know bout tat programme, and its sad to know now diorang nk divorce (ke dah divorce?)tu lah, ideally mmg nak buat camtu.
    tp cam nk kuar bawak sorang tu susah skit. coz the other 2 tak paham lagi why he/she gets to go and we are left at home. so slalu nye if ade yg tido barulah bawak sorang kuar…tu pun if kuar i kabut2 nak balik b4 they bgn takut nanti they have this “alarr…next time taknk amiq afternoon nap, asal amiq nap jer kena tinggal”

    oh lagi satu, sbb awal2 dulu i tot cam nk terapkn sitap ke-adik-beradik-an…so cam bile buat something sume pegi skali. with intention nk biar they grow up closely bonded. tu sbb slalu angkut all 3, if tak cukup kepala..we all kuar kejap2 jer. so takut if i do this one head outing thingy..hilang the motif utama nk terapkn itu sifat closely bonded


  2. i pun tak guna stroller sejak Aliah dapat kaki…mmg ‘dera’ dia berjalan sendiri. kalau dia penat sgt, then we dukung lah!


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    part nk dukung tu lah yg rase cam kite lak kena “dera” balik…hihi


  3. err… usana tu brand ubat ke? camne ann nak dptkan more info ye..


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    USANA tu brand supplement…same cam other brand supplement yg cam blackmore, 21st century. centrum and other.
    will email u info on it dear


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