Breastfeeding Campaign – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Breastfeeding Campaign

February 18, 2010

Hi readers, i’m helping my friends to spread the news of the campaign on breastfeeding. Help me to help her in spreading the news =) Especially to those yg mmg stay that side, so weekend tu instead of gi Jusco AU or Wangsa Walk (betul ke name die) ape kate go drop by at the campaign =)

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  1. oh.. menariknya! rumah mak saya di AU3 tu.. tapi x perasan pula ada anjung…. hmm… tq ya! 🙂


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    oh bab venue tu i pun tak sure actually. do help me spread around the words ya =)


    zuhaini Reply:

    ok, insya allah. nanti i’ll try to put it up this evening… 🙂


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