24 weeks – TRIPLETS plus ONE

24 weeks

October 16, 2010

Alhamdulillah, i am now entering my 24th week of pregnancy, that marks me being 6 months preggie. Glad condition is getting much much better as compared to the first few months. No more throwing out as i already eliminate food that i cant take, and sadly i have to say…this lil  baby of mine anak omputih, i can’t take rice. Well white rice especially. Every now and then i will try to eat fried rice or so, but i gonna need it to be just a plain fried rice, no perencah tumis watsoever, it will make my tekak rase kembang lalu mahu muntah. So what do i eat if im not taking rice? Seriously i dont know how to answer to that question. I eat randomly, nothing in particular everyday kena piki what to eat. I think skit lagi syauQi akn muntah tak larat dgr my soalan “lapar lah…nak makan ape eh?”

As i approached 24 weeks, i do feel rather panic. It reminds me of giving birth at 26 weeks to my triplets. Making lotsa doa’ it wont happen again. During uZAir’s pregnancy, i had contraction at 32 weeks, lucky thing by then i already knew how contraction was like and immediately rush to the hospital and they managed to stop the contraction. As most of you might already know the story, during the triplets, i had no idea what contraction was like. Doctor said macam period pain, but i dont get period pain…so i was cluless how it feels. When i was actually having my contraction i though it was just one of those pregnancy discomfort thus i slept through it. In fact seblum tido tu i remembered clearly, i was chatting with syauQi (he was in Melbourne) and halfway tru the chat i told him,”jap rase mcm nak berak, sakit perut…tp dh gi toilet 2 kali tak pulak berak” (first pregnancy mah, mane nk tau).  As i slept through the pain, subuh baru lah rase sakit sgt, woke my mom up  mintaq tlg bwk gi hosp. (husband was away for work) . At the hospital heard nurses and doctor said i was 9cm dilated, n my first question was “maximum brapa cm?” when the doctor told me 10cm i was like “haa? im only 1cm away? but im only 26weeks?” pastu mula lah episode kena “bebel” kenapa tak dtg earlier?

Making lotsa doa’ that this 3rd pregnancy will b another full term baby, insyaAllah: uZAir was born at 38 weeks.

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