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October 17, 2010

Yes, ive been “shouting” Β and flooding my twitter about babywearing, asking what is best. We used to have baby bjorn but we let it go coz we thought we no longer need it. To our surprise just couple of weeks after we let it go i came to know that i am pregnant. Haha, so much of being confident “im done” hahhaha.

Nway, was looking for another babywear and came across ergo. Well i dont foresee that i’ll be wearing the baby all the time coz im number 1 fan of strollers. Yes when u have 3 toddlers to move about in the mall, you will be sooo thankful to whoever invented stroller. Especially the twin stroller πŸ˜€ However, in case baby scream his/her lungs out we will then have to babywear for awhile to comfort him/her. We will need to babywear coz we need our hands to push the stroller of the other 3 kids.

As i was browsing through online, i saw few range of Ergo, anybody care to share with me the difference of ergo range. I believe they have the ergo baby carrier, ergo organic range, ergo performance , ergo baby sport. anyone can share with me wat are the difference between one range to another?

Yes i know, i should go to the shop and give it a try…but baby is not out yet and i have a dateline to propose to En Suami to get one ergo for me. So i badly need help based on reviews from moms out there.

I saw in the Ergo Facebook, these 2 came from their new range, the ergo performance

comes in lime green

and also in grey.

hmm, the limegreen abit too bright while the grey lak mcm dull…which is better for you. Bear in mind this carrier will be worn by both, either me or syauQi, so need something that is unisex

however i somehow like the pattern of the ergo organic from the older version, i like the emboidery..but do you think its suitable for men then (the emboidery pattern)?

i saw in the Ergobaby FB recently, they have new range of ergo organic, but i find that the colour is rather kusam…didnt attract my attention at all…so i gonna cross that out in my list

oh and also, do i really need the infant insert to carry newborn?

wats’ the different between these 2 infant insert?

heart2heart infant insert

ni mcm kain padded biasa je, same tak if i just gune a blanket then?

really appreciate reviews and feedback from mom out there, as my dateline is tomorrow!

oh chop, the mobywrap have nice patterns too! yummy..nak mobywrap jugak

luv this the most!

but i can never say no to blue

yummy blue with sweet lovely pattern

n i have few people recommend me to get beco…


how now?

thank you in advance πŸ˜€

*chop if i have a very easy baby, no fuss at all (AMEEN!) and i wish to let go my carrier yg nk beli ni, ade potential buyer tak? sila angkat tangan..hihi

**all pics via google

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  1. i ada post comment kat ur fb wall psl beco n ergo. tp lupa nak ckp psl infant insert tu. heart shape tu support neck je. yg besar tu blh cover neck,head n ears. lau pakai tu, babys head is close to ur chest.


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    thanks dear for the detail comparison
    tu lah prob i petite,syauQi besar…nk cari yg can suit both of us tu payah (sila jgn kate beli 2 yer..haha)
    u dh try both eh anne?


  2. thanks dear
    i tak minat ring sling n pouch sbb gune one shoulder nk rebeh bahu i dibuatnye kang…hihih
    smlm gi try ergo, kedai tu takde beco. so tak dpt nk compare btween the two
    tried it with uZAir and he look so contented in it..tapi ape2 pun back to stroller yer uzair,jgn naik syiok sgt nk babywear,pengsan kang i.

    as i mentioned, im no 1 fan for strollers..having 3 toddlers i xnk encourage sgt babywear,mmg pengsan i kang if asyik nk bw je…
    tot of buying it JUST IN CASE perlu for newborn, but tu lah kang if beli, takut Allah betul2 make me need to use it (i.e fussy baby yg suke berdukung je)
    cam uzair dulu mmg die nk bedukung je tp i biarn die takde choice..i kept on pushing the stroller n lame2, die okay with it asalkn stroller tu bergerak.

    tu yg smpai skrang twins i pun dok stroller, diorang dh tau gi mall dok stroller. if biarkn jalan confirm jenuh i nak cari diorang especially athirAh. dlm sekelip mata sudah hilang


  3. hi munirah..
    yg mobywrap kaler grey tu sgt cantik…
    do u know nak where to oder yg tu.. n how much is the price ek..
    i’m also a newbie dlm bbwrg ni.. br ada RS yg biasa2 je… still belajar teknik2 yg betul nak pkai…
    btw i guessed u tahu kan the different btwn bbybjorn(crotch carrier) dgn carrier yg lain2 tu…


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    i saw kt bangsar village II, a shop dpn kizports level 3. die jual babywearing n cloth diaper. kedai tu a tiny tapir punye branch
    i nk yg tu sbb die gune both shoulder if RS one shoulder, rebeh bahu i…hihi
    and yup, im aware bout the crotch carrier (baby bjorn). if carrier lain baby cam duduk


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