Activities for Toddler – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Activities for Toddler

October 22, 2010

It will be a loooooong week for me. Syauqi just left for work. Will need to start brainstorming on activities for the 3 kids. I can foresee a tried evening everyday, running around with them at the garden, teman them jump about on the trampoline, getting hands dirty doing painting and also getting dirty in the sandpit. perhaps trip to the neighbourhood playground as well. hArith been requesting to go to the small river pass few days. Will have to make a trip to the river as well. But will need extra hand to go to the nearby stream coz usually the boys will be busy playing water but athirAh on the other hand is more interested to climb about at the playground and going down the slides.

Besides the usual activities, i have to think of something new, to keep them occupied. Ideas are most welcome!! Something not too tiring please.

And oh i think hArith associate work with shopping. I fetched him from school today and told him that pApa is getting ready to work at home.

mOmmy: hArith, pApa going to work tau (yes, need to prepare him if syauQi going to work)

hArith: pApa go beli ape?

mOmmy: go to work lah

hArith: ye, go to work beli ape?

hmm… i guess work means shopping to him…hahaha

Looks like i’ll be going for my gynae check-up alone again. So far baru once syauQi was around to accompany me. Everytime tunggu waiting for my number, it will be only me alone without husband. Pastu bile ade yg ajak borak, and ask me anak ke berapa, tekejut whenever i answer anak ke-5 (im sure dlm hati diorang kate…oh patut lah husband dah tak teman..hahahah)

Tomorrow we will be going to the Kleenex Family Day at Kidzports OU. Anyone else going? My face recognition is really really bad, if i tak recognize any of you, i apologize in advance. And if i didn’t say hi or tegur, im very2 sorry…not that i’m sombong or such but i got to do headcount every 5 seconds. So i might be looking into ur face, but actually im looking around if my daughter / son is there. I’ll be going alone with the 3 kids

On a Different Topic:

Few days back while i was lepaking on the bed with syauQi, playing angry birds (trying to make new high score) hArith came to me asking for help, cucuk straw for his packet milk. After i cucuk the straw, within minutes i saw him finishing the whole 250ml box of milk. So i told syauQi:

me: i think this is one of my biggest achievement, weaning them off from the bottle and getting them to drink from the packet. And hArith consistently drinks 2 boxes a day (at times 3) . What do you think? dont u think ni my achievement yg besar? (coz i did this all by myself, by the time syauQi balik keja…all bottles thrown away)

syauQi: tak..

me: then u rase ape achievement i yg besar?

syauQi: achievement u yg besar is jaga i yg besar ni

me: hahaha, tu dh mcm perli i. cheh

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