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Birthday Photo Booth and Customize Birthday Party

October 24, 2010

I was cleaning up my SD Card and found these photos, photos of the kids’ pre-birthday preparation. The effort we put in to make a photo booth but sadly on that day i wasnt in my best of health (i was bout 2 months preggie then,nausea and what not) thus i totally forgotten to put it in the most strategic place. Ended up the photo booth were left unnoticed by most of the guest.

Managed to get a big tv box from my in-law and got my sister, Hanah to sketch a big red car for me. It wasn’t easy to cut the cardboard, we ended up using the gardener’s scissors!

Got syauQi to help us make a hole for the “windows”

after the sketching n cutting, the dirty job begins, painting….

and of coz the kids get themselves dirty too

athirAh mcm keja kat bengkel kereta lah pulak, look at her kaki and panties

Though not much ppl notice the photo booth, i manage to get this photo from syauQi’s facebook, his friend’s sons:

It was fun indeed doing the preparation for the kids’ bday (click here) , lots of printing and cutting to do. syauQi sampai geleng kepala tgk me been cutting non-stop. But i enjoyed it nonetheless. In fact im thinking of providing such services. Customize birthday party, you name the theme, we’ll design, print and cut for you. This include the cupcake toppers, banners, party favor box, food label, party signs, straw flags, water bottle wraps and more. Interested? You know the drill, email me at

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