Hot Air Balloon Fiesta Putrajaya – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Hot Air Balloon Fiesta Putrajaya

March 23, 2011

I always look forward for this hot air balloon fiesta, went for the previous years except for last year coz the husband wasnt around. So this time around, i didnt wanna miss it again. Told syauQi in advance about it and obviously he was left with no other option but to bring us. I had to idea how to get all 4 kids ready as early as 645 since we had to be there by 730am. Thus the only way to get there on time was to skip the mandi part. Yup, all my kids went there in their pyjamas…hihi.

After i did my subuh prayers, i carried one by one into the car while syauQi get ready. All woke up when i transfered them into the car, except athirAh. Left the house at 640am and reached there 727am. Parking was easy then, lots of it, n managed to get a spot with a very clear view.

managed to see this balloon that took off, halim othman was in it

after it took off, my eyes were on this balloon, fascinated to see the shape being upside down,

must be very hard to fly this balloon since the basket is inside, how did the pilot fly it while his view being blocked?

it flew right above my head,

n im sure this was among the fav by most ppl,

we had the chance to watch them set up the doraemon balloon from A-Z

they had the doraemon theme song on air when it took off.

The balloon from Germany was a unique one,

after all balloon took off, i wanted to see them land, especially the Germans. We rushed to our car n was shocked to see our car being blocked. I have no idea what was the guy thinking, park right in front of ours. was hoping he left his contact number, but nope he didnt. Was hoping he didnt pull his hand break so we could push the car fwd, but neither did he release his hand break.

i approached the pegawai perbadanan putrajaya who was taking care of the traffic nearby, but ape tah die kate “xleh nk buat pape sbb tu sesama awam” i hv no idea wat he meant. last2, my sis sanggup menapak to the deejay, to announce the number plate. mase my sis pegi the man came dgn muka tenang n said sorry. syauqi raised his voice at him asking, wat was he thinking blocking others punye keta. Boleh pulak die jwb, “kejap je, saya kt situ je”. syauqi replied “kejap ape, kami tunggu dah lame ni!” ..he then dgn muka selamba xde perasaan drove off.

Anyway, we sempat kejar tgk the Germans’ balloon (the one without the basket) land. But it landed in the middle of the road thus we couldnt stop and turun.

And we also saw Darth Vader land.

We head home right away sbb we ade appointment at 11am.

After zuhur, when syauQi was taking his nap i tried my luck…ajak die gi tgk again malam pulak. to my surprise he said “ok”. i suspect die mamai tak sedar ape die ckp…but since die ckp ok once he woke up i tuntut kate2 die. and yes he meant it 😀

So off we went again right after maghrib, wuish penuh masyarakat kt situ!

was a lil disappointed with the fireworks, was expecting it to be bigger and more grand…

oh b4 i end this entry, nk tunjuk u all muka budak tak puas hati kena angkut masuk keta awal pagi

uzair xde perasaan tgk hot air ballon, i think he must be saying this to himself “biar benar kejut2 awal tuk tgk ni semata2, kacau je org tido” hihihi

n this is athirah in her pyjamas. this gal loves elephant, she was happy to see one of the ballons had a picture of ellie on it

ni uwais kening berkerut, die pun x puas hati kah?

harith showed great interest, blk rumah he narrated what he saw in detail to my aunt.

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  1. mula2 baca geram dgn perangai lelaki yg block kereta u. then bila nampak muka uzair terus gelak. mmg muka tak puas hati betul. =)


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    tu lah mmg tekejut kami, punye lah rush nk ke kereta sbb nk keja ballon, dah lah nak masuk kn sume 4 makan mase, nk lipat stroller lagi…
    yg majlis perbadanan tu tak tau lah knp die takleh buat pape, at least saman ah kan sbb dh categori “menghalang lalu lintas”

    yg uzair tu mmg die muka x puas hati all the way…haha


  2. babe!!!!! uzair mmg fotostat copy paste muka u okeh!!!!!!!! mmg muka xpuas hati betul! yet so cute… hahahahahahahaha


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    tu lah mmg muka tak puas hati cam biar benar bgn awal2, angkut die dr katil masuk keta tuk tgk ni, sure dlm hati die kate; tak berbaloi tido die terganngu..hahaha


  3. Well well well,

    I love elephants too! Give me 5 Athirah! 8)
    U’r awesome except for the ‘air liur basi’, but with the sexy red lips, who cares about air liur basi kan? :p


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