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Customize Birthday

Customize Birthday Party

September 30, 2011

Been wanting to put up photos of our recent customize birthday items. Alhamdulillah we have more orders coming in. Made 4 theme recently, Barney, Minnie Mouse, Nemo and a Pink Lilac Aqiqah. Will share the Barney n Minnie Mouse theme first, the other 2 event has not passed yet. Thus will only display it once the event is over, taknk jadi spoiler 🙂

Alphabet Banner

Goodie bag sticker and round tag

water bottle lable

Food Lable

A2 size Poster

The other day on twitter, there was a hashtag on #SayaGenerasi and i saw a lot of it were relevant to my years of growing up. And i also saw ppl tweeted #SayaGenerasi 4u2c. Those yang #SayaGenerasi 4u2c, this face may be familiar to you , this barney theme was for his daughter

The Minnie Mouse Theme

water bottle lable

cupcake toppers

Alphabet Banner

Food Lable

Square Tag Sticker

Photo Booth Props

If you wish to have a customize birthday party for your child, do not hesitate to email us at . We will be very happy to accommodate to your needs 😀

*sorry for the poor quality photos, taken using the iphone instead of dslr

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  1. nk buat birthday party utk anak sy pada 2/6/2012…blh sy dpt kan no phone utk tau lebih lanjut lg…ini no sy 012-6369207


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