Perdana Builders EPE Malaysia nternational duathlon 2018 – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Perdana Builders EPE Malaysia nternational duathlon 2018

October 18, 2018

It was a day full of emotion and love. Kids had International Duathlon organized by Triathlon TRI-AMateur Club . Thumbs up to the organizer, superb, superb event. Volunteers were everywhere, helpful and very accommodative. All this while only Uwais n Harith get to participate, was very happy we could enrol Uzair too. They had Mighty Star category, for Special Needs kids age 5-70yo. We had a mix of Autistics, Cerebral Palsy and Down Syndrome. MC called up each n every name to cheer on them before the race began.

I had tears seeing how the Cerebral Palsy kids smiling away when their parents pushed their stroller/wheelchairs. You could see some were trying to lift up their hand, just so they could feel the wind as the dad run n pushed their strollers. And volunteers were running alongside, with such sincere look. The young athletes from the club made all the Mighty Star kids felt belong. None had that sort of giving a second look whenever a Special Need kid pass by them, u know what i mean…the public, common for them to look at our kids like as though an alien just landed.


The adults Down Syndrome were seen going all out pushing their limit. Very determined to finish the race. Happy to see them given this opportunity.

Organizers and volunteers are all people with big heart!


Uzair did 500m run – 2.5km bike – 500m run
He was upset he had to run, all he wanted was to go straight to his bike. Syauqi had to hold his hand to get him to run. He was close to the 2nd half during the first run.

Got his bike, and catch up and maintain 2nd placing. I continued running with him for the 2nd leg, Uwais gave his support too 

No words to describe my feeling. I felt like going up to each and every committee & volunteers of the event and give them a hug. A big Thank You for doing this, a platform for them. An opportunity they often being left behind, just because they are different…



photo credit : AKU, WONG  & Kah Wai

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