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August 2009:

2nd August: Cute as a Button: Baby Iva Afiqah

26th:  Fresh From the Oven : Raees Aryan

30th : Raya Portraiture – Akmal & Sarah

31st: Raya Portraiture – Jom Masak

September 2009:

6th: Raya Portraiture – Malaeka

6th: Raya Portraiture – Iman

7th: Casual Portraiture – Malaeka

8th: Raya Portraiture – Sofia & Fahim

8th: Casual Portraiture – Ameliya

12th: Casual Portraiture – Syahir & Hasya

13th : Casual Portraiture – 3 Cousin

13th: Raya Portraiture – Baby Umar

14th: Raya Portraiture – Aisyah

15th: Raya Portraiture – Alia & Alysha

15th: Raya Portraiture – Kaseh Amreen Mounira

24th: Raya Portraiture – 3 in 1 (FRIENDS , Baby Fahim & Athirah)

25th : Raya Portraiture – Alisya

25th: Raya Portraiture – Hana & Frens

October 2009:

3rd : Cute as a Button : Raees Aryan Again

11th : Okinokiyo

13th: Event – Lady Verde’s Open House

28th: Fresh From the OVEN: Baby Kazim

Fresh From the OVEN: Baby Kazim

November 2009:

11th: Baby Darwis Ichiro


February 2010:

28th: Elsa Costume Birthday Party

March 2010:

6th: Hafiy – Birthday Picnic

April 2010:

10th: Malaeka Pool Party

May 2010:


Cute as a Button: Baby Khalish Imran (sneak peak)

Cute as a Button: Baby Khalish Imran


Fresh from Oven

June 2010


Aqiqah : Khalish Imran

November 2010

21st: Birthday Party: Fath Ahmad Fahim

January 2011

4th: An-Amin Danial 1st Day at Kindergarten

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